Administrators can perform various management functions with their organization's Users.

To Manage Users click the User link in the Admin Sidebar.

You will now see the User list. You can view all of your Users and page through if you have additional Users. You can also use the Search Box to search for Users.

The Action Buttons on the left side of the grid allow you to make changes to your users. Here are the different Actions associated with each button.

Delete - deletes the User. Keep in mind that this is what is called a Soft Delete. Once deleted, a User will not able able to login. However, the system tracks which Users entered data and it needs to maintain the User'srecord in the database to hold onto the history of who added/edited a record. It flags the record as invisible so it will no longer show up in your list of Users on the grid.

Unlock - allows you to unlock a User who has been locked out after two many failed login attempts.

Permissions - this allows you to override the Permissions set by Roles and set Permissions for the individual User. We do not recommend using this feature as we explained in the Roles section. If you choose to do so, it functions with a similar Modal Permissions Window as when setting up Permissions for Roles.

Edit User - this allows you to edit various information about the User

This brings you to the Edit User Modal Window. Here you can edit the following User elements:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Username
  • Password
    • Set Random Password
    • Enter a Password
    • Require the User to change their password on next login (essential if you set a Random Password or enter a Password for the User)
  • Send an Activation Email to the User
  • Check if Lockout is Enabled - if checked the User will be locked out after 5 failed login attempts.

Login as this User - this allows you to Login as if you were this User and experience the site as that person would. You will need to logout when you have completed your testing.